Achievement of Bangladesh Women Judges

The principal objective of BWJA is to empower the women judges to ensure the equality in service and establish an environment free from gender discrimination. BWJA works to promote the rule of law and access to justice for protecting human rights to develop human dignity and civilized relationship among people and nations. BWJA works to upgrade the legal and social status of Bangladesh women by proper implementation of law. More specifically, its purpose is to address important issues relating to the improvement and advancement of women in the legal and judicial system, to increase the number of women judges at all levels so that they can participate equally in the development of law and the most important aim is to take part in networking throughout the world under the shed of IAWJ.


BWJA feels so proud to express that Hon’ble Justice Nuzmun Ara Sultana is the first Woman Judge in Bangladesh who was elevated as Hon’ble Justice in the High Court Division and after that, she has been elevated as Hon’ble Justice in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Hon’ble Justice Nazmun Ara Sultana is the founder president of BWJA and also founder member of IWJA . BWJA is very lucky to get Hon’ble Justice Nuzmun Ara Sultana as “Advisor” of BWJA. At present, there are 09 Women Justices in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and all of them are honorable member of “Advisor  Committee” of BWJA.